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CCTV Dealer in BBSR Security Services the home can protect you & your family CCTV. CCTV camera can be installed around your home to record footage during the day & at night . Again , this is a service that can be provided by Smart I Technologies Campanies, or you buy and install camera yourself For more info visit us at
Citra Panoramic 360 Degree WiFi CCTV Wireless Security IP Camera Mobile Surveillance: Fully function mobile app supporting iOS & Androids. 24*7 live view on your mobile phone. Wide 360 vision: 3D vison with 360 panoramic lens. No need to install multiple cctv cameras in different directions. Multiple views: 5 different type of views on mobile phone, you can monitor each and every corner of your home/business. Motion Detection: Whenever any motion is detected, camera sends alert on user's mobile phone. Protect your family from thieves and burglars. Micro SD card slot: Saves all videos direct on SD card. No need to attach separate DVR. Wireless Technology: Complete wireless solution. No fuss of wiring around home. Wireless connection with Wi-Fi router. P2P Cloud monitoring: With easy P2P cloud function, view the previous recordings any time direct from your mobile phone / iPad. Easy DIY setup: Step by step installation manual provided HD Display: Full HD view with 960P resolution. Night Vision: IR night vison with crisp and clear image even in dark. Comprehensive Security: Live video monitoring with motion detection features makes this camera widely used in homes, offices, warehouses, banks & other commercial & residential places. Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha, India
1080P Mini WiFi IP Wireless Camera For Android, iPhone & PC With Night Vision ive Streaming of Camera Footage on Mobile This is a new-tech WiFi Camera. It support to use for iPhone, for iPad, for Android smart phone, tablet PC, laptop PC devices to see video record Connecting to mobile phone/tablet directly by searching Camera’s WIFI signal. You could watch video from camera in time. No need wifi router to transmit Recording with TF card, Recycle Record Mini USB charging data cable to connect computer and video upload download transfer function Thefirstchoiceofsecuritymonitoringforfamily, shop, wareshouse, office, small and medium enterprises, the new Village and Peace City construction etc.Connect to power and see live on mobile anytime anywhere Support up to 32GB TF card Resolution rate: 1920 x 108020 Meters Receiver Range Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha, India
TR Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV indoor Security Camera Product details Dual HD Wireless IP Camera with 2 Antenna Wireless IP camera easy to achieve real-time remote viewing. Home use Store use Indoor use Office use P2P technology, plug and play720p extreamly HD Lens Super IR Night Vision effect HD two-way voice intercom Mobile phone remote control, wide-angle roatating Motion alarm warning Supporting multi-user viewing Supporting plug-in TF/SD card saving More Stable Signal When it comes to security of your family, choose nothing but the best IP camera is very easy to setup and operate Just plug into power source and your Home and Office live view is always there on your mobile/Tablet Support upto 128 GB Micro SDcard to record video and images . Play back option to view SD recordings direct on mobile phone Step by step installation & FAQ videos. Simplest and easy method to setup camera without need of installation service 720HD resolution. Crisp & clear video every time Pan/Tilt Angle Horizontal:345° and Vertical: 90° Inbuilt Motion Detection Alarm via E-Mailupload alarm snapshot to FTP P2P- Plug and play One step Wi-Fi setup by scanning the QR Code Android and iOS mobile apps to control 360 rotation and all functions Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha, India
Smoke Detector When a fire is quickening in your home every second counts. SimpliSafe Smoke detectors are built with photoelectric sensors for increased safety over Ionization sensors. Photoelectric smoke detectors respond faster (typically 30 minutes or more) to fire in its early, smouldering stage before it breaks into flame, giving you and your family more time to get up and out of your home. Photoelectric sensors are also less likely to trigger annoying false alarms. Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha , India