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Video analytics refers to software applications that are able to conduct smart analysis of surveillance footage in a wide variety of ways. This solves a major deficiency of most surveillance systems, which is that they are unable to promptly notify end users of a security incident on their own. Video analytics software can identify when a person enters an unauthorized area on a monitored site, including perimeter breaches, high risk zones in factories or around a valuable asset in a high level secuity area. This allows security systems to send an alert to security staff as soon as an incident occurs and enables a more effective response. People counting is another highly important application for video analytics technology and is especially important for companies in the retail sector. People counting allows organizations to analyze customer volume and behavior using surveillance cameras. This makes it easier to identify areas of the store that attract high customer interest and allows companies to adjust business practices to accomodate customer behaviors and achieve greater business performance. So what are the your benefits? Instant system alerts allow quicker and more effective response by security staff Analytics can identify and bookmark notable incidents, making it easier for security staff to retrieve them when reviewing recorded surveillance footage The technology reduces the need for dedicated guard staff (and associated costs) as systems always actively monitor for potential threats Analytics also improves the efficiency of existing CCTV monitoring staff by alerting them to threats that they might otherwise miss due to a lapse in concentration. Bhubaneswar Odisha, India Mob-7381010101
Excellent CCTV Camera Highest quality for high resolution footage Monitor and record your premises Activities Monitor and record staff daily safeguard your premises. Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha India
Best CCTV Camera Highest quality for high resolution footage Monitor and record your premises Activities Monitor and record staff daily safeguard your premises. Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha India
Future tech Advanced 1920x1080p 5MP H264 HD Spy Camera Pen and Recording Kit SPY CAMERA PEN: FULL HD VIDEO CAMERA FOR PERFECT COVERT MONITORING! This is a state of the art piece of equipment with Single Touch Technology to make operation easy. Designed to match and function exactly the same as extreme high quality European made pens, our SPYTECH Spy Pen is the only choice to record true high definition, wide angle 1080p Video and clear audio in total secrecy! The SPYTECH Spy Pen is also capable of capturing 2560x1440 HD resolution single images. Unlike bulky cell phone or sunglasses cameras, our Pen is designed with a one-touch record button without flashing lights, allowing you to easily covertly record lectures, interviews, meetings and many more without a trace! Our hidden HD Spy Pen is a premium product with a number of key benefits: - Extra Large 32GB memory for 12+ hours of recording that is viewable on any computer PC and MAC. - High performance image sensor records audio and video in full 1920x1080 1080p HD. - One touch recording and still image function without flashing light. - Disguised as fully functioning, premium everyday writing pen. BEST COVERT MONITORING SPY PEN; single button operation without distracting flashing light, perfect for personal outside and indoor spying in home or cars, low light use or residential nanny cam monitoring! Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha, India
Portable Mini GSM Alarm A9 PIR MP.ALERT PIR Sensor Motion Detector Anti-thief Alarme System with EU Plug. Automatically start the alarm When human body is near Best sensitivity in the range of 4-5 meters Put or paste it in a certain height, away from the body within 5 meters (within the angular range 120 ° left and right)he alarm is clear and can be heard within 15 meters. Mob-7381010101 Bhubaneswar Odisha , India